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World Opinion: On the economic growth of China

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the world:

The Associated PressOn the economic growth of China:

Unlike the other big economic powers, China announced that its economic growth acceler-ated in the second quarter (by 7.9 percent). This certainly raises some interesting questions: could China become the engine that pulls the world economy on growth track again? What ever will happen to China's communist regime?

Despite China's phenomenal growth during the past decades, it is worthwhile noting that the country's gross domestic product is still below Japan's -- which has a population ten times less than that of China -- the European Union and the United States.

Deliberate (government) decision to enhance and encourage domestic demand is the primary reason why China is sailing against the winds of the current global economic turmoil. The coun-try that has evolved to be the world's common knitting factory among other industries, has not easily opened up for the idea of itself investing in other nations. ...

The main issue is how long can the communist party hide China's social and environmental problems and keep attention solely on economic growth. China is a big red question mark for the whole world.

-- Postimees, Tallinn, Estonia