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CALVARY LUTHERAN 302 Olena Ave. SE, Willmar Phone: 235-2508 Pastors: Timothy Larson, Dean E. Johnson, Ron Hanson & Stephanie McCarthy Director of Music Ministry: Cathlyn Helland Saturday: 9 am Foundation & Praise Rehearsal 5:30 pm Chapel Worship/ Holy Communion Sunday: 8 am First Word Worship/Holy Communion 9:05 am Education/ Fellowship 9:45 am Foundation & Praise Worship/Holy Communion Monday: 10 am Prayer time Tuesday: 10 am Staff 10 am CWELCA Bd mtg 4:30 pm Bd of Youth & Family 5 pm Mission Cmte 6 pm Social Concerns Wednesday: 9:30 am Joint Women's Bible Study 1:30 pm Deconesses 3 pm Executive Cmte 4:30 pm Family Promise Cmte 6 pm Family Promise Thursday: 9:30 am Bible Study 1 pm Doing Days 5:15 pm Building, Grounds & Maintenance 6:15 pm Calvary Softball (Green)