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(May 21, 2014) SCHOOL BOARD Willmar Public Schools - ISD 347 Willmar, MN 56201 Minutes of the Special Board Meeting on April 14, 2014. Call to order by Chair, Mike Carlson, at 3:30 p.m. Members Present: Mike Carlson, Linda Mathiasen, Mike Reynolds (arrived at 3:32 pm), Jackie Saulsbury, Nate Streed, Liz VanDerBill, Laura Warne Facilities Discussion - Meeting 3 Paul Youngquist, ARY Architects, was present to speak with school board members about facility options. Mr. Youngquist met with numerous building staff as to what the current needs are for each building that would help to serve kids best. Mr. Youngquist presented a new facility option (J), which would move 5th grade out of the elementary schools and into the Middle School. Option J also includes all deferred maintenance and remodeling costs at all schools for educational purposes. Option J does not include a field house, but includes the addition of gyms and other practice facilities at the Senior High. School Board members decided to remove all other facility options and focus on Option J. For the next facility meeting, Mr. Youngquist will bring information as to where 5th grade could be self-contained at the Middle School location. A discussion about how instruction would look with placing 5th grade at the Middle School will also be covered at the next facility meeting. Adjourn - Motion by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Liz VanDerBill to adjourn at 4:30 p.m.