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BOARD OF EDUCATION Willmar Public Schools - ISD 347 Willmar, MN 56201 Minutes of the Regular School Board Meeting on April 14, 2014. Regular Board Meeting called to order by Chair, Mike Carlson, at 4:42 p.m. Members Present: Mike Carlson, Linda Mathiasen, Mike Reynolds, Jackie Saulsbury, Nathan Streed, Liz VanDerBill, and Laura Warne. Motion by Liz VanDerBill , seconded by Nate Streed, to approve the agenda with the addition of a Closed Session under MN Statute 13D.03 to consider teacher labor negotiation strategies. Motion carried. Motion by Nate Streed, seconded by Liz VanDerBill, to approve the Consent Agenda. Motion carried. CONSENT AGENDA Minutes of Special Board Meeting on March 8, 2014, and Regular Board Meeting on March 10, 2014. Payment of bills and Wire Transfers for period ending March 31, 2014; totaling $2,466,518.00. Personnel Items: Appointments: Jacolby Anderson, LD Instructor, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Jocelyn Benson, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Kendra Berg, Math Instructor, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Marcola Blahosky, Phy Ed (0.8), Roosevelt/Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Amanda Bonnema, ECSE, Jefferson (8/25/14) Recall Elizabeth Bridgeland, EBD/LD Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Elizabeth Brunner, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Derrick Bulthuis, Long Term Sub ESL, Senior High (3/19/14) Long Term Sub Derrick Bulthuis, ESL Instructor, Senior High (8/25/14) Replacement Jessalyn Canavan, Art, Senior High, (8/25/14) Recall Dustin Carlson, Phy Ed, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Kristyn Clark, ESL, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Rachel Cruz, Food Serivce Assistant, Senior High (3/10/14) Replacement Ann Davidson, Elementary Instructor (8/25/14) Recall Amber DeBoer, Elementary Instructor (8/25/14) Recall Ben Dimond, Guidance Counselor (1.08), Senior High (8/01/14) Recall Rachel Dunlavy, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Kari Eckhoff, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Greg Ewing, Dean of Students (1.18), Kennedy (8/01/14) Recall Courtney Forbrook, Special Ed Instructor, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Matt Foss, Special Education Instructor, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Kathryn Freeman, Elementary Music, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Heather Gradin, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall James Green, Math, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Noelle Green, Science, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Michelle Gregersen, Phy Ed, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Shawnda Groen, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Adam Helgeson, Music, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Kristi Hill, ESL, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Eric Hjelden, Social Studies, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Maria Hustedt, Reading Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Kaylee Jahraus, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Megan Johns, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Tiffany Johnson, Social Worker, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Rebecca Kazemzadeh, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Deborah Kinny, Special Ed Instructor, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Natasha Kinzer, Special Ed Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Kristen Kolb, Special Ed, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Adrienne Konieczny, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Joe Kuehn, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Christine LaMotte, ESL, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Allison Lampman, Communications, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Leah Larson, Speical Ed, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Michael Leonard, Special Ed, Lakeview (8/25/14) Recall Lauren Lippert, ESL Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Curtis Lundin, Elementary Instructor (8/25/14) Recall Anna Marcus, Food Service Assistant, Roosevelt (3/31/14) Replacement Amanda Mayer, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Danielle Mikkelson, Business Instructor, Senior High (8/25/14) Replacement Molly Morris, ISS Long Term Sub, Middle School (3/3/14) Long Term Sub Recall Amber Nordrum, Food Service Assistant Cashier, Kennedy (4/2/14) Recall Danielle Olmscheid, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Emily Peterson, Communications, ALC (8/25/14) Recall Nicole Plowman, LPN Nurse, Roosevelt (4/1/14) Replacement Kendra Saunders, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Claudette Schaeffer, Elementary Science, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Hannah Schmidt, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Ashley Schoumaker, Math, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Andrew Schultz, ESL Instructor, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Jacquelyn Smith, Media, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Judi Sprung, Instructional Coach (1.13) Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Tyler Steen, Physical Education, Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Rachel Stifter, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Casandra Story, Ag Instructor (1.13), Senior High (8/1/14) Recall Brianna Strand, Elementary Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Abby Taunton, ASD Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Jenna Tews, Speech Pathologist, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Matt Thode, Phy Ed/DAPE, Senior High & Middle School (8/25/14) Recall Nicole Tschetter, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Kayla Voller, Elementary, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Kaitlin Weis, Spanish, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Staci Wetterling, Special Education Instructor, Roosevelt (8/25/14) Recall Megan Whelchel, Special Ed, Kennedy (8/25/14) Recall Jennifer Wold, ESL, Senior High (8/25/14) Recall Coaching Appointments: Tara Bernhagen, Assistant Varsity Cross Country (3/6/14) Replacement Darin Ditterich, Middle School Baseball (3/11/14) Replacement Jared Eilers, Assistant Varsity Boys Golf (3/12/14) Replacement Matt Foss, Middle School Track (3/6/14) Replacement Eric Hjelden, Assistant Varsity Track (3/12/14) Replacement Joe Kuehn, Assistant (JVII) Boys Golf (3/19/14) Replacement Brandt Lager, Middle School Baseball (3/11/14) Replacement Brent Pederson, Middle School Softball (4/8/14) Replacement Kaitlin Weis, Assistant Varsity Track (3/12/14) Replacement Leave Requests: Amber DeBoer, Elementary Instructor, Kennedy (approximately 5/27/14-6/13/14) Sylvia Johanneck, Special Ed Para, FOCUS (2 Hours Per Day) (3/19/14-6/9/14) Michelle Hardebeck, Kindergarten Instructor, Kennedy (extend leave to 6/13/14) Theresa Herding, Head Cook, Middle School (approximately 4/4/14-6/9/14) Marsha Little, Certified Interventionist, Kennedy (4/7/14-7/7/14) Janet Westby, Math Instructor, Senior High (extend leave to 6/18/14) Resignations: Andrea Banks, Middle School Girls Basketball Coach (12/20/14) Jared Conklin, Technology Technician, Senior High (4/4/14) James Hill, Principal, Roosevelt/WEAC Special Assignment (6/30/14) Manny Ronneberg, Assistant Athletic Director, Senior High (6/13/14) Dave Rudie, Middle School Softball Coach (4/5/14) Cynthia Sanchez, Food Service Assistant, Roosevelt (4/22/14) Retirements: David Cors, Work Experience Coordinator, Senior High/ALC (6/13/14) Ann Forbrook, Special Education Instructor, Senior High (6/13/14) Mary Hodapp, Elementary Music, Roosevelt (6/13/14) Karen Johnson, Special Education Paraprofessional, Kennedy (6/9/14) Judith Kloster, EL Instructor, Kennedy (6/13/14) Betty Nelson, Library Clerical Paraprofessional, Middle School (5/30/14) Jim Nicholson, ABE Instructor/Coordinator, Jefferson Learning Center (6/30/14) Rita Schoeppler, Library Clerical Paraprofessional, Kennedy (6/13/14) Transfers: Jennifer Monson from Food Service Assistant Kennedy to Playground Supervisor Roosevelt (4/2/14) Replacement Administrative Written Reports were received from the Middle School, High School, WCER, and Kennedy Willmar Public Schools Foundation - Approve appointment of Steve Johnson as a Community Representative Director. (Steve Fladeboe was listed in error at the February meeting) REPORTS 1. Business and Finance - Pam Harrington reported working on enrollment numbers, C&T classifications, contract settlements, and the Revised & Original Budget. 2. Human Resources - None 3. Superintendent - Dr. Kjergaard noted the 2014 tax bill gives some money back to school districts and the Bullying Bill has been signed by the Governor and is ready for implementation. ACTION ITEMS 1. Contract for the Senior High Pool/Mechanical Room Roof Project - Motion by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Liz VanDerBill, to award the project to Schwickert's Tecta America, LLC of Mankato for $195,533. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. 2. Achievement & Integration Plan - Motion by Nate Streed, seconded by Laura Warne, to approve the plan as presented. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. 3. 2013-2015 Administrators Association Labor Agreement - Motion by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Liz VanDerBill, to approve the labor agreement. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. 4. 2013-2015 Non-Certified Miscellaneous Letters of Assignment - Motion by Mike Reynolds, seconded by Jackie Saulsbury, to approve as presented. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. 5. 2014 - Employee Handbook - Motion by Laura Warne, seconded by Liz VanDerBill, to approve the handbook as presented. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. DISCUSSION ITEMS 1. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for Jennie-O Turkey Store - Bruce Peterson from the City of Willmar presented information pertaining to the impact of the tax financing for Jennie-O Turkey Store corporate expansion. 2. English Learners (EL) Plan of Service - Jenni Gunga, EL Coordinator, presented the restructure plan for EL by grade. The plan streamlines EL services K thru 12. Ms. Gunga spoke about the importance of assessing EL service at every level and exiting children from EL services as soon as they are ready. 3. Special Education - Lisa Otte & Theresa Ostlie updated the board on changes being implemented in special education. The Special Education Assessment Team (SEAT) model will be implemented district wide in 2014-2015. It will increase student achievement and build communication. A behavioral analyst position is being added through the SW/WC Coop, but will work fulltime for Willmar Public Schools. 4. Open Enrollment Survey - Mandi Lighthizer-Schmidt, Communications Coordinator updated the board on the open enrollment survey conducted in March, 2014. A full presentation will be given at the May board meeting. BOARD COMMITTEE REPORTS " WCER Joint Powers - Liz VanDerBill ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF GIFTS/DONATIONS " Donation of $100 from Maddie Stenglein for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $30 from Glenn & Eunice Buchanan for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $20 from Odelia Eckhart for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $25 from Sharon Mace for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $25 from Vinje Lutheran Church for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $20 from Yvonne and Lisa Natvig for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $20 from Carrie VanEpps for the Cardinal Care Fund. " Donation of $250 from VFW Post 1639-Willmar for the Cardinal Care Fund. Chair, Mike Carlson, acknowledged and thanked all retirees for their service. CLOSED SESSION - Under MN Statue 13D.03; Subd. 1(b) Motion by Nate Streed, seconded by Linda Mathiason, to close the meeting to consider Teacher Labor Negotiation Strategies. Motion carried with a 7-0 roll call vote at 6:35 p.m. Motion by Nate Streed, seconded by Liz VanDerBill, to start the closed session at 6:40 p.m. Motion by Nate Streed, seconded by Mike Reynolds, to end the closed session at 7:08 p.m. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. Motion by Liz VanDerBill, seconded by Mike Reynolds, to come out of closed session. Motion carried with a 7-0 vote. ADJOURNMENT - Motion by Liz VanDerBill, seconded by Nate Steed to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:08 p.m.