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This past weekend, my husband and I were camping at Green Lake, County Park 5.

It was dusk and we were just getting off the lake. A firecracker went off, and unfortunately our small white dog got scared and bolted.

We spent hours searching and talking to people in hopes someone saw him. After talking to some people sitting around a campfire, they saw him on the road that leads out of the campgrounds. The search continued till midnight, when we decided there was nothing else we could do at this point.

We were getting ready to try and get some sleep, when we had a knock on the RV door. There stood four teenagers with Chewy in their arms.

Seems one of their sisters was out visiting them around their fire and heard me describe my small white dog with a Twins bandanna around his neck. She had driven almost to Ye Olde Mill Inn and spotted him still running on the road.

This beautiful young lady stopped her car, picked up Chewy and delivered him back to the county park. I do not know your name, but if you are out there, I cannot thank you enough! We are so very grateful for your act of kindness! God bless you!

Tammy Esse