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Births published April 22

Willmar births

Boy to Irena Leonenko and Michael David Mullineaux, March 25

Girl to Amelia Isabel and Michael Anthony Amor, March 27

Girl to Sarah Lynn and Peter John McCann, March 27

Boy to Lacey Jane and David Leroy Ellingson, March 27

Girl to Taryn Joy and Scott Alan Buteyn, March 27

Boy to Bhim Kumari and Hemanta Dangal, March 27

Boy to Jessica Jean and Marcus Alan Peele, March 27

Boy to Michelle Denise and Michael Joseph Markiewicz, March 28

Girl to Amina Hussein Abdi and Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, March 30

Girl to Umulkeyr Ahmed Ismail and Abdi Tahir Aden, March 30

Boy to Cassandra Ann and Jacob Brian Suter, March 31

Girl to Amy Ann and German Totche, March 31

Girl to Marwa Hamza Mohamed and Abdirahin Mohammed Hussen, April 1

Girl to Kari Corrine and Shane Charles Steinbeisser, April 2

Boy to Crystal Lynn and Dustin James Moran, April 2

Boy to Jamie Lyn and Jacob John Marz, April 2

Girl to Beth Theresa and Joshua Joelin Hoffman, April 2

Girl to Mary Jo Amanda Hagemeyer and Brian Steven Stelling, April 2

Girl to Angela Marie and Justin Joel Paffrath, April 2

Girl to Amanda Kaye and Matthew Mark Hirman, April 3

Girl to Katie Kristina and Joshua Marshall Benson, April 3

Boy to Arfon Osman Mohamud and Abdullahi Khalif Olow, April 5

Boy to Ayan Hussein Jama and Abubakar Sharif Ali, April 5

Boy to Talia Ruth and Bryan Lee Schuerman, April 6

Girl to Amanda Marie and Justin David Luepke, April 7

Boy to Danica Jerry and Tyler Jon Ashton, April 8

Girl to Tiffany Lynn Lesmeister Knott and Glen Leo Knott, April 8

Boy to Marcie Marie and Jeffrey Scott Liebl, April 9

Boy to Skye Marie and Cory Adam Hebrink, April 9

Boy to Kelsie Jean and Troy Eugene Fuoss, April 11

Boy to Lydia Nicole and Elias Oziel Carranza, April 11

Girl to Amanda Jane and Mark Ryan Hilbrands, April 12

Girl to Jessica Ann and Kyle Kristopher Wallentine, April 13

Boy to Jaclyn Renee and Jeremy Steven Hinderks, April 13

Boy to Jennifer Mary and Benjamin Frank Zimmer, April 14

Girl to Savannah Therese and Vincent Vu, April 14

Girl to Sarah Marie and Joshua James Potts, April 14

Boy to Jacqueline Pearl and Zachary Adam Groshens, April 14

Boy to Hallie Fern and Michael William Kemnitz, April 15

Girl to Rebecca Larae and Jeremy John Schafer, April 15

Boy to Jenny Marie and Derek Harm Zieske, April 16

Boy to Claudia Karolina Perez Munoz and Jose Edwin Granados Hernandez, April 17

Glenwood births

Boy to Stefanie Ann and Dustin Joel Christenson, March 25

Boy to Felicia Inez Stewart, April 6

Girl to Lara Alayne Kennedy and Christopher Ray Dean, April 13

Boy to Shanda Marie and Levi Dakota Anderson, April 16

Olivia births

Boy to Maria Picornio-Ramos, March 24

Girl to Mary Jo and Karl Austin Lamb, March 31

Litchfield births

Boy to Valerie Anita and Leroy Patrick Foley, March 27

Boy to Emily Joann and Ryan Ray Bratz, March 28

Boy to Christina Ann and Dustin Lee Guza, April 5

Boy to Jessica Ann and Jason Thomas Schwab, April 8

Girl to Alyana Olisa Luke and Bryant Artee Theodore Mapp, April 13

Montevideo births

Boy to Jennifer Amanda and Joseph John Harker, March 25

Girl to Brittaney Amber and Dustin John Fernholz, March 30

Girl to Chantal Rae and Isaac James Johnson, April 5

Redwood Falls births

Boy to Adrienne Marie and David Lloyd Danielson, March 25

Girl to Georgia Emmarica Christian Kispert, March 28

Girl to Mallorie Lynn Winner and Dylan Clay Schultz, April 6

Boy to Alexus Nicole Pendleton and Dustin Dean Gregg, April 15

Boy to Leticia Lynn Perez, April 15

Boy to Ashley Addison and Dustin Douglas Kircher, April 16