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Kandiyohi County restricts E-cigarette use at fair

WILLMAR — The Kandiyohi County Fair Board recently expanded its tobacco-free policy to restrict use of electronic cigarettes during the fair.

Willmar Police Department Sergeant Michael Jahnke is a member of the Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities Coalition, a group working to prevent substance use and abuse in the area.

He said the new policy will protect the health of fairgoers.

E-cigarettes have not been shown to be safe or effective in helping people quit. The devices may contain nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol and other chemicals, according to a news release from the Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities Coalition.

“E-cigs still contain chemicals that are harmful,” Jahnke said.

The fair board adopted a policy restricting tobacco use in 2011 and updated the policy in June to include e-cigarettes. Members of the Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities Coalition and another local group, Students Working Against Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, will assist the Fair Board in enforcing the new policy.

Violators of the policy will be asked to stop using the tobacco or electronic device and may be removed from the fairgrounds and not re-admitted that day.

The organizations encourage fairgoers to also help enforce the policy.

Areas designated as tobacco and electronic device free at fair:

• enclosed buildings

• buildings housing animals

• covered areas, such as tents

• the grandstand area

• any area with a large gathering of people

• areas within 20 feet of any of these places


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