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Comedy production opens Thursday in New London

Jais Gossman, left, and Gary Swenson rehearse a scene for the New London Little Theatre's production of "You Can't Take it With You. Looking on is Rick Olson. (RAND MIDDLETON | TRIBUNE) 1 / 3
Matt Swigerd, left, is Donald and Gwen Walter is Rheba in The Little Theatre's production of "You Can't Take it With You." (RAND MIDDLETON | TRIBUNE) 2 / 3
Kayla Rekieta is Olga Katrina in "You Can't Take it With You." (RAND MIDDLETON | TRIBUNE) 3 / 3

The Little Theatre in New London presents “You Can’t Take it With You” at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under. Tickets are available at The Giving Tree Children’s Boutique or It's about Hair, both in New London.

In “You Can’t Take it With You,” the the Sycamores at first seem mad, but it is not long before we realize that if they are mad, the rest of the world is madder. In contrast to these delightful people are the unhappy Kirbys.

The plot shows how Tony, attractive young son of the Kirbys, (played by Ryan Gatzemeyer) falls in love with Alice Sycamore (Alia Wellnitz) and brings his parents (Rick Olson and Carol Nash) to dine at the Sycamore home on the wrong evening.

The shock sustained by the Kirbys, who are invited to eat cheap food, shows Alice that marriage with Tony is out of the question.

The Sycamores (Deb Nelson and Steve Slominski), however, though sympathetic to Alice, find it hard to realize her point of view.

Meanwhile, Tony, who knows the Sycamores are right and his own people wrong, will not give her up. In the end, Mr. Kirby is converted to the happy madness of the Sycamores, particularly since he happens in during a visit by an ex-Grand Duchess, earning her living as a waitress.

No mention has as yet been made of the strange activities of certain members of the household engaged in the manufacturing of fireworks; nor of the printing press set up in the parlor; nor of Rheba the maid (Gwen Walter) and her friend Donald (Matt Swigerd); nor of Grandpa’s (Jim Molenaar) interview with the tax collector when he tells him he doesn’t believe in the income tax.

Other members of the cast include Jordan Peterson, Ross Peterson, Jais Gossman, Zach Swigerd, Nick Rekieta, Shari Sletta, Gary Swenson, Les Graham, Anna Cook and Kayla Rekieta.

The play is directed by Merica Overcash, with Jessie Lee as assistant director, lights and sound. Jakson Martens and Emily Walz built the set and Deb Nelson and Ginny Lief did the costumes.