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Blooming beauty: How to freshen up hair and makeup for spring

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After a long, drab winter, Midwesterners are ready to bust out of their parkas and winter boots and expose their skin to sunlight. Many seek seek change — and, for some, a simple refresher in hair and makeup gives them life.

"With hair, everyone wants to be lighter," says Shayla Kuzel, owner of Shayla Elise hair and makeup at Nora Salon in Fargo. "People are just so tired. They're bored, they're bland and they want to take risks."

Eschewing darker shades, fashionistas embrace bright spring colors that signify a new season and a fresh start. The same goes for makeup.

"In the winter, you see a lot of deeper maroons. People are going to slowly trickle away from that," Kuzel says.

Here, Kuzel shares spring trends and ways to transition from the winter blues to fresh spring hues in all things hair and makeup.


"A big trend with going from fall to summer is transitioning to that sun-kissed hair," Kuzel says. "For brunettes, it's doing that sun-kissed balayage. For girls that are already blonde, it's making their hair more ashy and cool for summertime."

For an edgier take on color, Kuzel says a new product, Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme shampoo, temporarily dyes hair. Available in many shades, including pastel pinks, blues and purples, the color lasts roughly a week. Users can add just a touch of color to the ends of their hair.

When it comes to hairstyles, long, textured waves are in and easy to maintain for a casual look. Curls create a more formal look.

"For Easter, if you're going to church or to dinner, I'd do that really polished curled look with an inch-and-a-half-sized curling iron," Kuzel says.

To do so, Kuzel curls sections of hair in the same direction, finishing by working oil through the hands and pulling it through the hair.


Summer is a fun season for lips. "I feel like you can get away with some of those bright corals, the hot pinks," Kuzel says. For something a little more neutral, blush and light rose hues are a staple year-round.

For lip products, the current buzz is all about liquid lipsticks — such as LipSense — which are popular for their wear and longevity (not to be confused with lip gloss).

"If you were to get a plain old regular lipstick it would probably just wipe right off," Kuzel says. "Typically liquid lipsticks stay a little better."

After the dry season, Kuzel says it's important to exfoliate with lip scrubs "even just once a week to get the dry, dead skin off and then you have a fresh canvas," she says.


Pink, gold and bronze hues are fresh, create a glow and look good on every skin tone, Kuzel says.

In winter, a dark, smoky eye can be harsh on light skin. "Once we get a little more color to our skin, smoky eyes are a little bit more wearable," Kuzel says.

The whole hair and makeup scene is picking up on lash trends. Lash extensions, tinting and lifting, are "great for the lakes just so you don't have to wear a bunch of makeup," she says.


For cheeks, natural-looking contouring has replaced harsh lines. "Rather than heavy cream contouring, people are using just darker powders so you can't really tell it's contoured," Kuzel says.

Gold or pearly-colored highlighter helps to brighten and reflect light above the cheekbones, while brighter pink blushes adds color to the face.


"There's 101 ways to do brows and there's no one-size-fits-all," Kuzel says. There are guidelines for shape, but everyone has their own preference. In 2017, natural-looking eyebrows are key.

"Instead of having that tiny, thin eyebrow, it's about being proud of your bold brows," Kuzel says. "If you have a bold brow, rock it."

To achieve the look, pencils are recommended for beginners. Brow gels to create a more defined shape for advanced users and brow mascaras help darken hairs.

"The most user-friendly way for people is using eyeshadow — powder and an angled brush, making small strokes to draw on the hairs," Kuzel says.

Brow tinting, tattooing and microblading are also gaining popularity as more permanent options.

"I don't feel there are rules with makeup anymore," Kuzel says. "You can just express yourself. As long as you hold your head high, you can pull it off."

Alexandra Floersch

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