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Cosmos man sentenced for child pornography possession

LITCHFIELD — John Permar, 49, of Cosmos, has been convicted of two felony charges of possessing pornographic work which involved minors. He was sentenced Thursday in Meeker County District Court.

As part of a plea agreement, four identical charges have been dismissed.

Permar will serve five years of supervised probation, be required to register as a predatory offender and has been ordered to serve 90 days in the Meeker County Jail.

Conditions of his sentence include no unsupervised contact with minors under the age of 18, excluding his own child; no access to or use of the internet without approval; no possession or use of any pornographic material; and he must complete psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluations and follow the recommendations.

He received a stay of imposition for both charges, meaning if he fulfills the obligations of his sentence, the felony convictions on his record may be reduced to misdemeanors.

According to court documents, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Internet Crimes Against Children Unit was notified by Google in January 2016 that an internet provider address had been downloading what appeared to be child pornography, with the images of what appeared to be prepubescent girls and toddlers. The internet provider address matched the address and name of Permar.

A search warrant was executed at Permar's home on Feb. 2, 2016. When the hard drives of Permar's computers, cell phone, USB drive and four electronic storage devices were searched, law enforcement uncovered several videos and hundreds of images of pornographic materials involving children. Some of the children in the material had been identified by the Child Victim Identification Center.

It was also found that Permar was using a peer-to-peer network to share and download the material.

At the time of the execution of the search warrant, Permar said he used the Google search engine to search for pornographic websites for pleasure and said he did not believe any of the images he had downloaded would have been obvious children, according to the court documents.

Permar will need to report to jail by Aug. 25. He will receive credit for three days already served.