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Reliable Source: George Clooney sent President Obama 'racy' texts

File photo of actor George Clooney meeting with reporters after a White House meeting with President Barack Obama about U.S. involvement in Sudan on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010. Clooney was asking the U.S. and international community to take steps to prevent violence ahead of an election that could ignite another civil war in Sudan. (Doug Mills/The New York Times)

For someone who consistently dodges rumors about a potential second act in politics (cough White House cough) George Clooney sure does have a lot of political pals.

During a recent in-depth interview with the Hollywood Reporter (the twins even make a cameo!), the actor flashed a text message he received from former president Barack Obama, who shared dinner with and played basketball against Clooney in June. The pair's relationship, according to the magazine, "at times teeters into the risque." Do tell.

Apparently Clooney, 56, is a fan of "racy" texts, which we're assuming are like dad jokes but dirtier. While grilling the Oscar winner in his Lake Como villa, the magazine's reporter gets a peek at a text from Obama that reads, "What a jerk!" When asked if he's ever been "racy" with the former leader of the free world, Clooney replies, "Sometimes, sure." Then we're left to guess what sort of bawdy middle of night missives the pair send each other for giggles. One thing is made plain, though: These two are buds.

Also in the Clooney political pal orbit? Republicans. When riffing on President Donald Trump's response to the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia (which he describes as "a great crime"), Clooney calls out his "very good" right-leaning friends:

"It would be best for the country if some of these Republicans - and some of them I'm very good friends with, actually - stood up (to him). There's an important distinction that doesn't get said enough - the difference between Black Lives Matter and the KKK and the skinheads and the alt-right is this: Black Lives Matter was protesting in support of racial equality. Period."

Exactly which GOPers the actor calls buds still remains a bit of a mystery. But we doubt billionaire casino owner and Republican National Committee finance chair Steve Wynn is one of them. Remember back in 2014 when the two got into a heated dinner party debate over Obama? The honorific "a-hole" was thrown around a lot, according to Clooney.

Despite his experience with trading blows across the aisle, Clooney probably isn't running for anything. Or is he?

"I'd like to not think I would be in politics," Clooney said cryptically. "I'd like to think that would make my life miserable. I don't really think about that. But I do think you always have to participate, in your town and your country and the world."

Story by Helena Andrews-Dyer. Helena Andrews-Dyer is the co-author of The Reliable Source. Send your hot tips, sightings, and gossip to