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Editorial: Tinklenberg is the best choice for 6th District

Minnesota's 6th District congressional race has turned into an evolving race. Sixth District voters have a choice of Republican incumbent Michele Bachmann, Democratic challenger Elwyn Tinklenberg and the alternative choice Bob Anderson.

The 6th District runs from Paynesville to St. Cloud and then south across Wright County and the northern Twin Cities suburbs to Stillwater and Woodbury. St. Cloud is the largest city in the district with the suburbs of Blaine and Woodbury close behind.

The choice is simple for 6th District voters -- elect Tinklenberg, the conservative to moderate Democrat. Bachmann has simply become an embarrassment for the district and Minnesota.

Tinklenberg has significant government experiences -- first as a former Blaine City Council member and mayor and then as state transportation commissioner during the administration of Gov. Jesse Ventura. This background would be beneficial to the district.

A former United Methodist minister, Tinklenberg received both the Democrat-Farmer-Labor endorsement and the Minnesota Independence Party endorsement for the 6th District seat.

Bachmann has become out of touch with her district as well as reality at times. She has remained steadfastly aligned with President George W. Bush until recently when she said Tinklenberg was more aligned with Bush. Her recent "anti-American" statement and call for an investigation into unpatriotic lawmakers is an embarrassment to Minnesota and the Republican Party. Her gushing embrace of the president at the 2007 State of the Union address was teen-idol overwhelming. She also spoke of knowledge of a secret plan between Iran and al-Qaida to divide or partition Iraq.

The accomplishments of her first term are highlighted by her unflattering gaffes. In fact, the National Republican Campaign Committee pulled its advertising support from Bachmann this week. She is becoming isolated within her own party.

Anderson is a dental technician from Woodbury. He is a first-time candidate with little viability this time around.

The West Central Tribune believe voters in the 6th District should elect Tinklenberg to Congress. He is the best candidate in this race. He will represent the district and Minnesota in a respectable manner.