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Editorial: Reviewing the West Central Tribune's endorsements

Each election season, the West Central Tribune reviews the various candidates and makes endorsement recommendations.

Our editorial endorsements help spur public dialogue in the various races in west central Minnesota. This public dialogue helps citizens review their respective candidates and making their voting decisions.

Here is a review of the 2008 endorsements made by the West Central Tribune.

Willmar school levy: Willmar School District voters should vote yes twice on the levy questions. The Tribune believes this is a sound investment in the quality of our future and our community.

Litchfield School levy: Vote yes on this levy question.

MACCRAY School levy: Vote yes on this levy question.

New London-Spicer School levy: Vote yes on this levy question.

Willmar School Board: Incumbents Wayne Lenzmeier, Shawn Mueske, Eric Roberts and Sandi Unger should be re-elected to the Willmar School Board.

Willmar City Council Ward 1: Incumbent Denis Anderson has earned re-election to the Willmar City Council. He knows when to listen to citizens, when to lead and when to make decisions.

Willmar City Council Ward 2: Incumbent Steve Gardner should be re-elected to his Ward 2 seat. Gardner has done a good job and he is extremely hard working. He strives to find workable solutions.

Willmar City Council Ward 3: Steve Ahmann should be elected to the council. He served well during his previous terms on the City Council.

Willmar City Council Ward 4: We did not endorse either candidate in the Ward 4 race.

Kandiyohi County District 2: Dick Larson has earned re-election to the County Board. Larson serves the county's residents fairly and he is fiscally prudent.

Kandiyohi County District 4e: Dennis Peterson should be re-elected to the County Board.

Minnesota House 13B: Incumbent Rep. Al Juhnke should be re-elected for a seventh term in District 13B. Juhnke's brings experience, leadership and seniority to the table. He has proven his ability to meet the needs of District 13B

Minnesota House 13A: Bruce Shuck is our choice for election in District 13A. He has served 8 years on the Kandiyohi County Board and works in Pope County. He is a passionate individual who knows his issues in the district.

Minnesota House 14B: Larry Hosch is our choice for re-election in District 14B. He voted to override Gov. Tim Pawlenty on his transportation veto and voted in favor of the statewide ban on smoking in public places. He has earned a third term representing the district.

Minnesota House 18B: Re-elect Dean Urdahl in District 18B. A three-term legislator, Urdahl has focused on agriculture, education and transportation. Urdahl knows the issues critical to the district and now has experience and seniority.

Minnesota House 20B: Re-elect Lyle Koenen in District 20B. He remains a strong supporter for the critical needs of rural Minnesota. His experience and seniority makes him the best choice in House 20B.

Minnesota House 20A: Elect Andrew Falk in District 20A. He is a fifth-generation farmer from Swift County and a founder of a renewable wind energy company. He has worked on political and legislative issues, most recently on renewable energy legislation.

U.S. House Minnesota 7th: Collin Peterson should be re-elected in the 7th District. Peterson's biggest plus is he now is chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. He is the best candidate.

U.S. House Minnesota 6th: Elwyn Tinklenberg should be elected in the 6th District. He has significant government experiences. His opponent has simply become an embarrassment for the district and Minnesota. Tinklenberg can represent the district and Minnesota in a respectful manner.

Water amendment: A 'no' vote is best choice on water amendment referendum. The proposed amendment would increase the state sales tax by three-eighths of 1 percent. A "no" vote on this ballot question is the best way to protect Minnesota's representative government

U.S. Senate: Norm Coleman is the Senate choice in Minnesota. In the end, Coleman's legislative experience and record -- as St. Paul's mayor (first as a Democrat and then as a Republican) and in the U.S. Senate -- surpass those of his two opponents.

President: John McCain is the choice for president. His seasoned leadership and independence can best handle the challenges and threats of the next four years.