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Editorial: Family Services story is important

The Kandiyohi County Family Services Department is working to tell its story to the County Board and the public. This is a good step on behalf of the department and the county.

Family Services Director Jay Kieft told the County Board the department is making a concerted effort to explain the department's operations, objectives and challenges.

There are prejudices, Kieft said, within the public concerning the services Family Services provides and about the people who receive them. How true!

Think about the last time you heard some disparaging words about welfare, a class of people receiving services or non-citizens receiving some type of services. How do you know if those statements are fact or fiction?

The Family Services staff are dedicated individuals interested in helping people in need. And the work they do is critical to the well-being of our communities and the people in need.

The Family Services staff is forming a speakers bureau to help educate the County Board and the public. These speakers will help inform and educate about the county's understanding, realities and statistics, which will shed considerable light on the prejudicial concerns of county assistance.

We commend Commissioner Richard Falk for the idea, Kieft for implementing the idea and the County Board for supporting the Family Services public education effort.