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Editorial: Lessons of Lincoln still hold true today

Two hundred years this week, the babe Abraham Lincoln was born in a simple log cabin in the frontier state of Kentucky. Much has changed since that day.

As a youth and a young man, Lincoln was a study in failure as well as perseverance. He never let it drag him down and he kept trying, finally achieving the ultimate win -- being elected president in 1860.

During his presidency, Lincoln played a major role in the beginning of emancipation of blacks in America. He also directed his "Team of Rivals" cabinet, which brought victory in America's Civil War.

Today, Lincoln is historically considered one of America's best presidents. He remains a hero and an inspiration for President Barack Obama.

Lincoln preached healing following the Union's Civil War victory. Unfortunately, his healing of the Union was cut short by an assassin's bullet in 1865.

America is truly the land of Lincoln. A country rescued from the war of rebellion, he worked through the terror of war and provided the opportunity for America to rebuild.

Americans in 2009 should heed Lincoln's example of showing generosity to political opponents and work for national unity as a primary goal. More simply, the time has come for both Democrats and Republicans to bring civility to their discourse.

Lincoln never forgot that we are and remain one country of people united by the bond of America.

This bond has held us together through Civil War and world wars to economic depression and racial strife.

In the end, the lessons that served Lincoln well as president still serve America well in 2009.