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Editorial: This rain day goes a long way for region

Thank goodness for a day of rain.

The recent days of moisture have been helpful to west central Minnesota and other parts of the state.

September was one for the record books. Preliminary records indicate that September was among the third driest and the ninth warmest on record.

While a mild September allowed many west central Minnesotans to keep their furnaces on idle, the dryness will delay as well as curb our fall foliage color variety.

The recent rains will be very helpful in rebuilding the soil moisture levels across central and southern Minnesota, which is critical for agriculture.

Much of west central Minnesota has not been impacted by the current statewide drought as significantly as other regions in the state.

East central Minnesota has not been as lucky. Water levels are down significantly -- from local ponds to the Mississippi River. White Bear Lake remains within 3 inches of its historic low.

The recent rains will help ease some of the concern for trees, lakes, rivers and cropland from the long-hot summer.

The good, long rainfall Thursday made for a good day.