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Minnesota Opinion - On little to do in the Legislature? Maybe take a week off

An excerpt from recent Minnesota editorials

From The Associated Press

On little to do in the Legislature? Maybe take a week off

Nearly two weeks ago, Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller suggested that legislators should go home for a while. Things are so slow in St. Paul that he said "I don't think there's a reason to have people sitting around here looking for opportunities to create mischief."

There are two reasons for the lack of activity. First, the early weeks of the session were quite productive, as Gov. Pawlenty signed the bonding bill, a jobs bill, a package of budget cuts and a slimmed-down health care program for the poor.

And now everyone is playing wait-and-see, as the local financial impact of federal health care reform remains somewhat fuzzy. Little is likely to happen with the state's remaining $700 mil-lion deficit until those numbers clear up.

So, if there's little for our elected officials to do, we like the idea that they should go home for a week. Let's save some daily expenses -- up to $96 per diem for each senator, and $66 for each representative.

A little cost-cutting won't fix the budgetary hole, but it won't hurt, either.

-- Post-Bulletin