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American Opinion - On TV ad legislature

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

From The Associated Press

On TV ad legislation:

Many Americans undoubtedly are annoyed when the volume on their televisions suddenly rises during commercials. Advertisers want to get viewers' attention for their goods and services, and volume is one way to do that.

But while we freely admit that the higher volume of some commercials can be irritating, we wish Congress were not wasting time on legislation to regulate TV volume.

It may be popular to promise to limit the decibel level of commercials, but there could be unintended consequences. For one thing, such regulation is complicated. Broadcasters may have to buy new equipment to implement the rules, The Associated Press reported. That means they might have to charge more for advertising, and advertisers in turn would have to raise prices for their wares.

The best place to regulate loud commercials is in one's living room or den, with a remote control.

-- Chattanooga (Tenn.) Free Press