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American Opinion - On the economy as priority one:

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

On the economy as priority one:

Did you hear the good news? The recession is over. Hooray!


According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, a panel of academic economists based in Cambridge, Mass., the recession we've all endured these past two-plus years began in December 2007 and ended in June... June of 2009, that is.

Look, the numbers these panel members are reviewing very well may prove exactly what they say, that, in a technical sense, the worst of it is over. If the recession really did end in June 2009, then we are recovering now. Certainly we hope that is true.

But the reality is that for the average American worker, or out-of-worker, the recession is not over, not even close. Official unemployment is still planted at right about 10 percent. When you factor in all the people who've just stopped looking for a job, the unemployment rate is several points higher.

Businesses are still failing, layoffs are still happening and new hiring -- hah. What hiring? Where are there masses of jobs being created?

Meanwhile, the cost of living, taxes, insurance premiums and other costs for people are continuing to rise. People who've been out of work and are nearing the exhaustion of their unemployment benefits are soon to be in a much worse spot than they've been. The number of foreclosures may have lessened, but far too many people are still facing the prospect of losing their home because they can't pay the mortgage. ...

For everyone we have elected to represent us, from President Barack Obama all the way down to our local mayor and town council members, the priority must be the economy. Politicians must ask themselves: What can I do today to try to help my constituents get by, get a job, keep money in their pockets, keep their businesses afloat?

There is no other priority that tops this one. Period. ...

-- Courier-Post, Cherry Hill, N.Y.