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American Opinion - On NFL player safety:

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

On NFL player safety:

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson joined the ranks of brain-injured National Football League players recently. The toll is an almost weekly reminder that the league still hasn't taken the necessary steps to make the game safer.

But that may change, finally, with league officials announcing Oct. 19 that they will impose suspensions on players for delivering devastating helmet-to-helmet hits. The pros, whose style of smashmouth play is emulated by younger players, can't move soon enough on player safety concerns.

Jackson suffered a concussion that he doesn't even remember following a vicious hit that sidelined both him and the guy who tackled him, Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson.

After years of denial, NFL officials have finally acknowledged the long-term health risks from concussions, including depression, memory loss, and dementia. The league has taken positive steps by requiring that injured players be cleared for a return to play by independent doctors. But that's not enough. ...

A recent Harris Interactive poll shows most Americans don't enjoy seeing football players get hurt. They want changes to helmets and other equipment to be made, and they believe players who cause head injuries should be hit with penalties, up to and including suspension. ...

Sports such as football and hockey will always be violent, but there are ways to minimize life-altering injuries and retain the games' popularity. Players and coaches should be the first to insist on aggressive reforms that will make contact sports safer.

-- The Philadelphia Inquirer