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Letter: Why voters are frustrated

Why the anti-incumbent tidal wave in the recent election?


We are tired of politicians giving more loyalty to a party, or big campaign donors, than to those whom they are supposed to represent.

We are tired of politicians giving themselves raises, generous retirement benefits, and free medical care when millions of Americans receive none of these.

We are tired of paying taxes so illegal immigrants can have free medical care, housing subsidies, and food stamps.

We are tired of paying taxes so the wealthy can have tax cuts, supposedly to create jobs, even though unemployment continues to rise.

We are tired of seeing good American jobs being outsourced by the thousands.

We are tired of bailing out banks and financial institutions who continue to give obscene bonuses to the incompetents who created the recession.

We are tired of the partisan politics espoused by extremists like Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin.

We are saddened that our young men and women continue to die in wars started by politicians.

We are tired of squabbling over a health care bill; if it's not a good one, get together and fix it.

We are really tired of the garbage that passes for campaign ads. Don't attack your opponent; tell us why we should vote for you. We expect you to work together for the good of all the people, so put on your big people undies and get started solving problems. If we see partisan gridlock, you'll be the ones we throw out in two years!

Terry Holmquist