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Letter: The shrinking middle class

I am afraid for our country and our way of life. Our nation was largely populated by people seeking a chance to lift themselves from poverty. They wanted to be in control of their lives and not be controlled by the rich elite. They wanted to make something of themselves.

This wish became real in America.

Now, after a century, the people are losing their status. They are losing their chance to become someone. It is well documented that the gap between the rich and poor is widening and the middle class is shrinking. The richest citizens pay a lower percent of their income than the middle class.

Unions were a great aid in lifting people from poverty. It gave labor a voice. It gave people some control over the "ruling" class. As is obvious, Wisconsin's Gov. Walker is trying to destroy the power and voice of unions.

Unions are for the people and Republicans don't want people to have that power. I know Republicans aren't all rich. That is why I can't understand how middle-class Republicans support this anti-labor movement and the coddling of the rich.

Graden West

New London