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Letter: A tale of a misfired gun

It was bound to have happened sooner or later. Given the plethora of firearms available in this community, it was certainly inevitable that one of those potentially lethal implements became the casual plaything of curious youngsters.

Published accounts at this point remain somewhat vague. One prays for a full recovery, and that the incident in the long term will be the source of amusement rather than lament.

The website of the RNA (Rifle Nuts of America), reflecting a proper values perspective, echoed the unanimous relief of the community that no greater injury occurred. Their headline proclamation was, "Thank Heavens the injury wasn't to his trigger finger!"

Our sympathies to the mothers of the lads, who must have been near apoplectic at the news, to think how close the son of Gisla and his chum may have come to greater harm.

If we insist on having all these toys about, perhaps we need to reach out to some of the neighborhood fraternal organizations such as the Bloods and the Crips for instruction in their safe handling.

For now, that finger or whatever part of it, is merely to be tallied as part of the accepted cost for necessarily having support for our fantasies and manhood so readily at hand.

Fred Cogelow