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Editorial: District must take a look at all offers

The Willmar School District received a purchase offer on the northern half of the Garfield School property earlier this month. Superintendent Jerry Kjergaard confirmed the offer earlier this week.

The school district has not yet released the identity of the potential buyer, pending review of the offer and advice from legal counsel.

The school district has been sitting with both the Lincoln and Garfield buildings underutilized following a reorganization of the elementary schools to help trim budget costs.

The former Lincoln Elementary School in southeast Willmar has been sitting empty. Garfield has been being used as the Area Learning Center, the district's alternative high school.

The school district has been looking to sell either building for the past two years.

Now the district has received an offer on one of the buildings. The district administration is correct in reviewing the offer, which is also their fiduciary responsibility to the district's citizens.

This week some community individuals began a campaign against the reported purchase offer, even before the full details of the offer have been made public. Others have been spreading rumors without knowing the facts or the legal requirements of the situation.

We encourage all involved in this building sale discussion to use extreme caution and avoid inflammatory and/or bigoted comments or rumormongering. This is especially reprehensible, if such action originates with any public official and/or activist within our community.

The School Board will and should review the proposed purchase offer after the appropriate administration and legal review are completed.