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Editorial: Merry Christmas everyone

West central Minnesota is patiently waiting for a white Christmas this year. We likely will have to wait a little longer for the good blanket of snow to fall across the region.

Christmas remains a time of celebration. It is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the son of God. Christ was the gift of God to the world.

The Christmas holiday is also a time for family and friends. Take time this weekend to slow down and enjoy the precious company of your loved ones. Family is the gift that we give to each other with each of our families.

This is also a time to remember others who may need a little help this holiday season. We encourage a cash gift to these important local charities - Warm The Children, The Salvation Army, the United Way of West Central Minnesota or your local United Way, or your local food shelf. Each one of these deserving charities works hard

help others during the holiday season.

To the children of west central Minnesota, the National Weather Service is forecasting clear skies and reports from the North Pole say the elves have outfitted that important sleigh with some roller blades for safe landings in our snowless region. Santa's sleigh is expected to arrive shortly after midnight here in our region.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from the West Central Tribune and all of our staff.