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Editorial: Michele Bachmann is no Margaret Thatcher

Michele Bachmann's campaign rhetoric apparently is now ringing hollow with many Iowa voters as her poll number continues to sink faster than a county fair hog in a mud hole.

Bachmann, like many conservative Republican candidates in this decade, often seeks to compare herself to former President Ronald Reagan, the Great Communicator.

On Thursday, Bachmann said she wanted to be America's Iron Lady, comparing herself to Britain's 'Iron Lady' - former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Well, Rep. Bachmann, you are neither Ronald Reagan nor Margaret Thatcher for that matter.

Bachmann's poll numbers are not good at the present time and her campaign appears to be disarray.

Since winning the Iowa straw poll in August, Bachman's position in various polls has slowly dropped. A recent CNN/TIME/ORC poll in Iowa showed her in second-tolast place.

In September, Ed Rollins, a known political strategist, resigned as her national campaign member citing health reasons.

In October, Bachmann suffered another political blow when her entire paid New Hampshire staff left.

On Wednesday, Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman - Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson - defected from Bachmann's campaign and endorsed Ron Paul. Then Bachmann claimed that Sorenson took a "great deal of money" to endorse Paul.

On Thursday, Bachman's Iowa political director West Enos released a statement refuting Bachmann's claim that Sorenson took money to change his endorsement. Late Thursday, Enos was no longer with the Bachmann campaign. Whether he was fired or resigned was unclear.

This is not the strong campaign image Bachmann likely wanted and needs just days before the Iowa campaign.

Bachmann has been successful with the quick quote, being always available for any television appearance she can schedule, and maintain a strong conservative message. Apparently many voters are now realizing that her substance is far less than her quote ability or talking performance.

And she certainly is no Margaret Thatcher.