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Letter: A lack of integrity

I am unhappy about all of the negative campaigning we see on TV and radio and these mailers we get incessantly.

The ones for Rep. Vogel are particularly bad because they are obviously and simply untrue. I'm not sure if Vogel is to blame or if he just allows others to do the dirty work for him.

I assume Vogel knows that Mary Sawatzky's work for Education Minnesota is paid for by teachers, not the school. So, why is he allowing his surrogates to say something that is not true?

Integrity matters, and his silence when others tell lies is disquieting. I'm most disheartened by how Vogel and his party blame our public school, teachers and Education Minnesota in an attempt to privatize the system.

Mary Sawatzky is such a positive person, and she will be a great representative for all of us.

Amy Haugen