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Letter: Letter falsely attacked Gimse

In response to Dale Boxrud's weak attempt to rebut my Oct. 29 letter, here's my clarification. First, the word slander is applicable because the Webster's Dictionary defines slander as: "the utterance or spreading of a false statement or statements, harmful to another's character or reputation." One of the many expensive media attacks spread by the supporters of Sen. Lyle Koenen was the falsehood that Sen. Joe Gimse did not pay his property taxes. This deceitful attack of his character is harmful to his reputation as an ethical person, good businessman, and respected legislator.

Second, to reiterate, credibility comes with speaking the truth and providing the evidence that proves it. A public resource, Kandiyohi County Treasurer was given to validate that Sen. Gimse has always paid his residential and business property taxes

Third, it is hypocritical to throw mud at a person when the opponent has accumulated six piles of dirt. My intention was not to attack Koenen but disclose that he also has had financial problems but Koenen's were multiple, continuous and were met with drastic measures. Koenen had six judgments in Chippewa County against him in a span of nine years; some included bankruptcy.

Fourth, you justify his financial hardship by saying, "In the 1990s one of Sen. Koenen's family members required emergency surgery. This left the family mired in debt and they were eventually forced to file for bankruptcy." The six judgments occurred long after 1990: Sept. 26, 2002: $4,215.08; Oct. 28, 2002: $7,571.56; Jan. 29, 2004: $4,855.50; March 9, 2004: $6,491.22; July 25, 2005: $17,428.90; and Jan. 20, 2011: $2,635.55.

Fifth, thanks for agreeing that Sen. Gimse should not be criticized for one delayed payment during the onset of our country's economic downswing. We all are struggling. However, you are misinformed about the reform of the homestead market value credit. Your party leader, Gov. Dayton, signed this legislation to eliminate it because it was not working.

Finally, compassion and empathy are important. Sen. Gimse's humble walk in our shoes, his optimistic outlook and determination to find positive solutions make him the best choice for Senate.

Sue Quist