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Letter: Protect your right to vote

One of our most basic and fundamental rights is our right to vote.

The modern day so-called Progressive Movement is trying to convince us to give up that right and hand it to them so they can make choices for us as to who they feel could best represent the people "i.e.: appoint or hire" our county officials.

Your right to vote is your only voice you have in government.

When it comes to America, freedom is everything, and it is the only thing. Freedom to vote and have your voice heard in government is what American government is all about. It should not be altered or changed due to the personal likes or dislikes of you or your neighbors. Under our constitution, freedom and your right to vote is not debatable and is never up for a vote.

Freedom is not served cafeteria style. We do not have the prerogative to move through the line and pick and choose which freedom entrees we want and which ones we don't. Freedom and rights cannot be reduced to a pick and choose process.

Approaching freedom with such an ignorant and arrogant attitude will advance one result and one result only: the cafeteria will eventually close altogether, and all we will be left with is the soup line.

We will be forced to live with choices others will make for us.

Sound familiar?

History has shown us that the catastrophic results when we trust politicians with our personal choices and rights.

"Suffer not yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss" quote Patrick Henry in a speech to the Virginia Convention in Richmond, Va., March 23, 1775.

Never, never give up that basic and fundamental right, your right to vote, and by doing so you will be passing on this right to future generations as our ancestors before us did for us.

Duane John Baker