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Letter: Byberg gets my vote

I have worked with congressional candidate Lee Byberg for the past seven years. I'm not exactly an impartial voter in this election, but I'm afraid that my very easy vote for Lee on Nov. 6 will not be as clear-cut to you.

He's a creative, positive leader who understands how national issues impact our local economy. He delivers win-win solutions, and can enter a room of people who disagree to their core, and come out on the other side of lunch with a plan set and everyone smiling.

He told me the other day that he's driven over 50,000 miles over the past few months of campaigning. Why? Because he wants to meet you, look you in the eye and ask for the chance to represent you in Washington.

He's not just a sound-bite guy, but a deep thinker, problem-solver and action-taker who delivers results. Can you imagine caring enough about our country that you'd walk away from a successful career and dedicate everything to run in an election? I can't, but Lee is out there logging thousands of miles because he doesn't want his kids to be burdened with our debt if there's something he can do to stop it.

If you believe our country should stay on the path we've been on for the past 22 years, you've got your incumbent candidate and $16,000,000,000,000 in debt to vote for. If you're ready to see our country commit to fiscal responsibility, vote Lee Byberg on Nov. 6.

Jonathan Huisinga