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Commentary: Closure for a nightmare

Editor's note: This commentary was written by the victim of a sexual assault last year at Crow River Lutheran Church. She requested that her name not be published.

The article you wrote put this case to an end to a bad experience. It was only not for me that the case went to court but all the ladies that he victimized. We did not want this to happen again to another person.

I agree that he should not have ever been released in Wisconsin, but as the saying goes, "It's too late to cry over spilt milk." All we can do is move forward. My family, my many friends, my community and my church have helped me in that respect.

My heart goes out to the young lady in Fairfax who was sexually assaulted. Please let your family and your friends and your church family help you and hold your head high. You did not do anything wrong. It is something that will always be with you, but with their love and support, you will get through this.

Mr. Beccue, even though we did not meet, I can't say thank you enough for the way your staff worked to put this man where he should be. Connie Crowell, bless you from the bottom of my heart. You were just like a "pit bull" -- you wouldn't let this go until you got what you wanted for this man and put him where he deserved to go. Thank you again.

Bridgett, if we didn't understand something, all we had to do was ask, and you had the answer for us. Thank you so much for the young man who worked so hard to help catch this man. You are very special to us, and we cannot say thank you enough.