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American Opinion: On the waste disposal

An excerpt from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States:

By The Associated Press

On the waste disposal:

Reps. Norm Dicks, Doc Hastings and Jay Inslee of Washington and John Spratt and James Clyburn of South Carolina signed the letter to Chu seeking the removal of $115 million from the budget that was pointed toward work at Yucca Mountain. A most interesting point is that four of the five signers are Democrats and are taking on the president of their own party.

South Carolina and Washington share similar facilities in the Savannah River Site and the Hanford Site. Both were utilized heavily during the Cold War to produce materials for nuclear weapons. The waste which was produced in the process is highly radioactive and was never intended to remain at either facility for extended periods. Yucca Mountain was named by Congressional act as the site for the long-term storage and more than two decades later waste remains at SRS and Hanford as well as nuclear power plants around the country.

It is time for the president and Department of Energy to listen to the Congressional mandates and the scientific studies and prepare Yucca Mountain for its mission to hold this legacy waste.

-- Aiken (S.C.) Standard