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Pope Francis is off to an exciting start, striking a chord with people

Pope Francis has traveled to the South American country of Brazil for the first overseas trip of his papacy.

This pope is walking an enlightening road for the Catholic faith and the world.

He began his schedule Thursday in the slums on the northern edge of Rio, Brazil and visiting with the poorest of the poor. At the end of the day, he was at the world-famous Copacabana — among the most posh sectors of Brazil.

Through the first five days of this trip, Pope Francis' message has been for the faithful to show their face, show their love and “ride this wave of revolution of faith.”

Throughout his Brazilian trip, the pope has reached out to the people - stopping to shake hands, stopping to kiss a baby, visiting the poor or talking with you.

On Friday he called upon the youth to use their strength to help carry the church and the world forward and to embrace the elderly who harbor a lifetime of wisdom.

Pope Francis has struck a chord with the members of his faith and the world. He is bringing a new light to the church and is opening it up. He is also seeking to fix the wrongs of the past.

This pope is off to a refreshing and exciting start.