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Editorial: Rodriguez has given baseball a black eye

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Major League Baseball has a major problem and it is reflected this week with the biggest suspension announcement ever for off-field activities. The suspension even surpassed the Chicago Black Sox Scandal of 1919, when players threw the World Series.

Baseball has now suspended 13 players for performance-enhancing drug use for at least 50 games each.

Alex Rodriguez of The New York Yankees was suspended for 211 games, through the 2014 season. However, he will continue to play while his suspension is appealed.

Rodriguez, a three-time MVP, claims he is fighting for his life.

Give us a break.

Rodriguez is the highest-paid player playing professionally in baseball, the national pastime.

His strategy appears be denying or ignoring the accusations until all avenues are exhausted.

He had hip surgery in January and has been working on his rehabilitation in the minors. He returned to the Yankee lineup Monday night and will play while his suspension is appealed.

At age 38, he will likely continue to collect the $9 million he is owed for the remainder of season. He would be 40 by the time his suspension ends after the 2014 season. So he could just walk away from the game. He should.

Unfortunately for baseball fans, Rodriguez will forever be just another stain on baseball and its record books.