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Editorial: Video boosts 'Made in America' campaign

The "Made In America" effort got a new friend this week when ad guru Alex Bogusky issued a new video championing the cause.

Bogusky, an ad agency legend, has created a video urging folks to just buy more American-made products, according to a USA Today report. He is hoping his video goes viral on the Internet.

Introduced Tuesday, Bogusky's video asks U.S. consumers to just buy one additional American-made item in every 20 purchases.

He claims this simple act could result in 1 million jobs in America.

Bogusky left the ad agency business three years ago to become a full-time consumer advocate. He believes the time is right for a "Made In America" revival.

A "Made In America" purchase effort is not just a patriotic thing, but an investment in our country. Bogusky claims the act of buying American-made products helps save U.S. jobs, benefits our environment and reduces foreign worker exploitation.

Bogusky's intent is an intriguing concept. The question is will enough people watch his video and pass on the idea. Only time will tell.

Watch the video at: and judge for yourself.