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Editorial: State Fair remains the great Minnesota Get-Together

Minnesota's State Fair -- 12 days for fun-filled excitement -- has begun on the fairgrounds in Falcon Heights.

This fair is big. In fact, the fair's own media guide totals more than 100 pages.

You can follow the State Fair on Twitter @mnstatefair, on Instagram @mnstatefair or Facebook.

You can get a pork chop on stick, a corn on the cob on a stick or a picture of Sid Hartman on a stick.

You can people-watch at the fair. In 2012, there were 1,788,512 people who attended, which is a lot to watch. You can even be a people judge if you want.

You can watch judging most days. There is chicken judging, cattle judging, horse judging, dog judging or potato judging.

You can debate what's better: pronto pups or corn dogs, cheese curds or popcorn or fried walleye or walleye on a stick.

You can visit the exhibits -- from the Department of Natural Resources' fish ponds to the political parties to the many businesses showcasing their wares and services.

You can watch the TV newscasts or watch the radio broadcasters.

You can know you are participating in part of history, as the fair has been held since 1854, which was four years before Minnesota became a state.

You can listen to the music, from the grandstand shows to the marching band competitions to the talent contests.

As you can see, the State Fair remains the great Minnesota get-together. If you're headed to the State Fair this year, may your day be enjoyable.