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Tribune Editorial: There is no easy answer on Syria

The Obama administration's attempt to build a coalition to address the Syrian regime's chemical aggression will not be an easy task.

The United States' closest ally, Great Britain, on Thursday rejected action against Syria at the current time. A United Nations meeting on Syria ended Thursday in a deadlock with no action.

The Obama administration moved Friday to release declassified intelligence supporting the U.S. government's assessment linking the Syrian regime to the chemical weapons attack outside of Damascus last week.

Some congressional members have cautioned the administration about a rush to judgment on retaliatory action against the Syrian regime.

Current skeptics -- American and British -- remember the rush of President George W. Bush's march to war on Iraq based on the thin claim that former dictator Saddam Hussein's regime had weapons of mass destruction.

The American public has tired of war -- after experiencing the ongoing war in Afghanistan (2001 until now) and the Iraq War (2003-2011). There is little support for opening a new war front in Syria.

In addition, any action on the Syrian question carries significant risk as it sits in the heart of the Middle East and is also a neighbor of Israel.

The Obama administration faces a challenge on Syria as there is no easy answer.