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Editorial: Congress is failing us in this shutdown

America awoke as expected Tuesday to its federal government beginning the process of shutting down as the House Republicans were unable to control their Tea Party faction. The Democrats have been unable to control spending growth throughout the federal government.

As Congress continues in only tying itself into procedural knots, congressional members will continue to get paid.

In the meantime, most federal offices will close and federal workers will be furloughed without pay.

House Republicans have tried nearly 50 times to stop the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare. In recent days, House Republicans sent stopgap measures pairing funding to repeal or changing Obamacare multiple times and the Senate rejected the measures.

The GOP’s primary objective was not achieved as Obamacare rolled out across the country Tuesday, including in Minnesota where its web site opened.

The House Republicans are gambling that Americans will not blame them for the shutdown, claiming that Americans hate Obamacare more.

The Senate Democrats are gambling that Americans will not blame them for the shutdown and will like Obamacare as it rolls out.

The reality is that the dueling strategies will continue until Americans get fed up and starts to ring the phones in Washington. In the meantime, America loses as this political bluff strategy plays out in Congress.