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Editorial: MNsure must get its act on track now

MNsure’s interim chief executive officer pledged Wednesday to improve the sign-up process and the online health exchange, which has suffered technical glitches, support call problems and political criticism.

It has not been a good week for the MNsure system or Gov. Mark Dayton. The exchange’s previous CEO has just resigned and the deadline for the first key enrollment date is less than a week away.

New sign-up figures released this week show some improvements, with more than 47,753 applications covering 97,573 people for insurance have been completed as of Saturday. This is up from the 32,209 applications completed as of Nov. 30.

However, those numbers are far short of the 1 million Minnesotans that MNsure hopes to serve.

Minnesota needs this health exchange to gets its operations in order and simply work.

Glitches have included security questions, being inaccessible at times, logon availability issues, password consistency issues, inaccurate eligibility assessments and other issues.

The exchange’s leadership is responding to the difficulties. A new interim CEO has taken over and the MNsure board is reviewing the organization and vendors.

These official responses this week are all fine, but it is a little late.

Granted that setting up a health exchange with all the variables and complexity is no easy task.

The fact remains that Minnesotans deserve better.

It is time for MNsure to get its act in gear and quickly.