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Editorial: Congress makes a deal on a budget

It appears the season of miracles has started as Congress this week agreed to a budget without relying upon political brinkmanship or shutting down the federal government.

A dysfunctional Congress finally has figured out a way to function.

The Senate pass the budget billo 64-36 Wednesday after the House passed it 332-84 earlier. President Obama has signaled his support and is expected to sign it.

This new compromise budget will guide federal government spending through 2015, eliminating a possible government shutdown during the 2014 midterm elections.

The deal was negotiated by Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington.

The deal eliminates the mandatory cuts, known as sequestration, and helps cut the federal deficit by $20 billion over the next decade.

This budget deal is one small step in the right direction in dealing with the federal deficit.

It gives Republicans something to hang their hat on going into 2014 and avoids a repeat of the 16-day government shutdown in October, for which they were significantly blamed.

For the Democrats, it gives them some budget certainty going into the 2014 midterm elections and also avoids a government shutdown, for which they took some heat.

Some Republican do not like the cuts to future cost-of-living increases in military pensions, while some Democrats dislike that unemployment benefits were not extended.

Not everyone likes the deal. That’s likely a good sign.