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Editorial: This is a winter of miserable weather

 You have been wondering and asking: How bad is this winter of 2013-14?

  A new winter misery index answers that this winter in the Midwest and East is one of the harshest winters of our lifetime, according to an Associated Press report.
  And it does not appear to be ending anytime soon.  The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for most of today. 

 The blizzard warning for western and southern Minnesota predicts strong winds this afternoon and tonight bringing blizzard conditions resulting in difficult or impossible travel conditions. The deep snowpack could lead to significant snowdrifts exceeding 3 feet in


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 The only ones enjoying this dastardly winter are those meteorologists, who love extreme weather.


 In recent years we have often experienced a trend of milder winters. And we have gotten used to those milder winters.


 Now, the weather pendulum has swung back to an “old-time” winter, one that some are comparing to the 1930s or 1970s.


 This winter’s ranking on the winter misrey index will only grow as long as the cold and snow continue. We are all at the mercy of the the jet stream that has funneled frigid air south from the Arctic right into Minnesota and the rest of the Midwest.


 The forecasts say that the warmth of spring is still a few weeks away, but it is coming.