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Letter: Rural MN is not like the metro

A couple weeks ago the Minnesota Department of Education said that they and the governor want to stop all four-day school weeks.

No reason given by them made any sense except it doesn’t work in Minneapolis so it can’t work outstate. The governor has done a lot of good things in his first five years, he is in my book 100 percent better than the last governor (OK, maybe I overstated that).

But one thing is becoming quite obvious: He never has and probably never will understand that what works in Minneapolis does not always work in outstate.

The four-day school week was started because of the funding cuts made to schools, but —surprise — it turned out to be one of those good things that comes out of the necessity of need which is what has driven most good ideas.

The last survey I heard taken with MACCRAY parents and students, 93 or 97 percent liked the four-day week. Also the MACCRAY students were in the top 15 percent if I remember correctly. The Minneapolis schools that Gov. Dayton says we should be like rank nowhere that high.

I think Dayton should rethink his thoughts on what he thinks is good for schools and let the school districts that have faced many problems, including merging and no money, do the job they know how to do and let them do it without a metro governor telling smalltown Minnesota how to live.

He was a teacher once but not in smalltown Minnesota and it is time for him to realize there is a big difference. I encourage everybody to take the time to send the governor a letter and tell him to let the schools decide what is best for them.

Send him a letter. Trying to email him is a lost cause.

Email your representative and senator and the leadership of both Houses. And don’t forget to write the Department of Education. Keep our schools locally controlled.

Harlan Broers

Clara City