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Editorial: ‘Oh for cute,’ TV Fargo has emerged

Stereotypical Minnesota towns are the focus of the movie “Fargo.” Now it is a 10-episode television series by the same name has premiered on FX Networks.

“You betcha,” there is a lot of word play on our shared Scandinavian accent in fictional Minnesota towns by a show named after a North Dakota town.

“Uff da!”

The series is a television adaptation of the 1996 Academy Award-winning film from the Coen brothers, a pair of Minnesota natives turned successful filmmakers. The winning film has been deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress.

Produced by Noah Hawley, the television series is set in the frozen northland of Minnesota, where whiteouts can cover up murders and emotions. The fictional town of Bemidji is the primary site for much of the series, with Duluth making an appearance.

No word yet if the real town of Brainerd is going to make a cameo appearance or not.

“Don’t ya know.”

The series continues the movie’s humorous look at ordinary Midwestern towns, where Minnesota nice doesn’t get too excited and mild is the routine. The series’ is presented as a true crime story of multiple events, stretched over 10 episodes, spiced with the interaction of quirky characters.

“Oh fer cute.”

The ironic part of the series is that much of the exterior scenes were shot in Canada, due to lower production costs. The production team even made their own Paul and Babe, rather than shoot the true Paul and Babe in Bemidji or the copies sitting in Brainerd.


Early reviews of the series call it “funnier,” “peculiar,” “winning” and “elaborate.” So it sounds like an enjoyable series that Minnesota and the rest of country can enjoy, even if it’s still named after a North Dakota town.

“Oh, for sure.”