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Editorial: Governor correct to accept stimulus

The Pawlenty administration Monday said it plans to accept all the federal economic stimulus money the state receives.

This was the right decision for Minnesota.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty had previously criticized the stimulus package as having too much spending and not being targeted enough, in his opinion.

The full details of the $787 billion stimulus package signed by President Obama last week are not yet available. State officials are waiting for the details in order to review related provisions, which will accompany stimulus funding.

Minnesota generally receives less in federal funding than it pays in taxes, receiving only about 72 cents to every dollar in federal taxes paid, according to the Pawlenty administration. The state ranks 45th in federal funding received.

At a time when the Minnesota budget deficit is projected to reach nearly $7 billion, it would be fiscally irresponsible to reject funding allocations from the federal stimulus package.

Gov. Pawlenty is correct in directing state officials to utilize federal funding provided in the stimulus bill.