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Editorial: Obama's speech is a good beginning

President Barack Obama struck a tone of realism and hope during his first major address Tuesday to a joint session of Congress.

Obama's speech from a presentation perspective was rather well done. This president knows how to deliver a speech and communicate with his audience.

If Obama governs as well as his speaking ability, he will have a successful administration. However, one speech does not make an administration.

Obama outlined the three basic themes for his administration -- health care, education and energy. In addition, he outlined objectives in tax reform, rehabilitating the auto industry and establishing appropriate financial oversight -- of the banking system as well as the stimulus plan's spending.

The president sounded a sufficient amount of optimism to start the rebuilding of American confidence. At the same time, he bluntly stressed the critical needs on economic issues as well as continued threats at home and abroad.

The scariest part of this speech was one term: billion. Obama used this term at least 235 times in just 140 pages. The only word used more was "new." In addition, the terms "Osama Bin Laden" and "blame" were not spoken a single time.

Obama took ownership Tuesday night of America and its problems. The economy he inherited is in crisis and affects every one of us.

Let us all hope his administration will find sufficient success to affect America positively over the next year.