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Editorial: Renville County is telling its own story

Renville County is not waiting for new arrivals to just show up in its communities. Instead, the county is hoping to take the Renville County message to the Twin Cities using billboards.

Students gathered in Bird Island, Buffalo Lake and Stewart recently for group photos to be used in a possible billboard campaign along the busy highways of the Twin Cities.

The campaign will encourage metro commuters and businesses to bring their families and businesses to Renville County.

John Hubin, a newspaper publisher in Hector, Bird Island and Buffalo Lake, and Chris Hettig, Renville County economic development director, have organized this Renville County PR campaign.

The effort is looking for grants and financial support to help fund the Renville County campaign.

It is too early to tell if these two county promoters will be successful in raising the necessary funding for the Renville County promotion effort.

Renville County has a great deal to offer to families and businesses, including affordable spaces, good schools, a highly educated work force with a strong work ethic and, most importantly, no productivity-busting traffic jams.

We wish Renville County all the best in its promotion effort.