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Editorial: Bank is bringing a turbine to Milan

Kudos go out to the Prairie Sun Bank of Milan for its efforts to develop a wind turbine presence in its community.

The Prairie Sun Bank wind tower is being built for two purposes:

- To produce electricity and generate income.

- To serve as a community bank promotion.

The 20-kilowatt project has faced numerous delays, but is now in the home strech. The wind tower, produced by a Minnesota-based company, was recently delivered to its location, about 1 mile north of Milan.

After the wind tower is completely assembled, it will be erected and begin operation.

Bank president Erik Thompson has overcome several obstacles in this project. He used an innovative idea of the wind turbine being an advertising promotion vehicle to gain necessary state approval. The project still has to complete an interconnection arrangement with Otter Tail Power.

After the wind turbine costs are paid off by wind-energy revenues, the bank hopes to donate the turbine to a public entity or nonprofit group in the community.

So kudos to Prairie Sun Bank of Milan for "Powering a renewal of our communities."