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Editorial: It is time for some balance on budget

As Minnesotans work on balancing their weekly budgets, the Minnesota DFL-controlled Legislature and Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty cannot figure their way out of a budget paper bag.

The Legislature and Pawlenty remain in a political standoff. They have not been able to figure out a compromise budget-balancing agreement with Monday's mandatory adjournment deadline fast approaching.

Pawlenty seeks to balance the state budget through program cuts, no new revenue from taxes or fees and borrowing $1 billion.

The Legislature seeks program cuts, not borrowing the $1 billion under the Pawlenty plan and raising revenue from taxes and/or fees of $1 billion to balance the state budget.

Somewhere in between likely is a future agreement to get the state's budget balanced. Just do not expect it to be in time for Monday's adjournment deadline.

This appears to be another year of the Minnesota Legislature and Pawlenty not getting their job done and costing taxpayers more with a special session needed to balance the budget.

Why? No one knows.

It is time for the Minnesota Legislature and Pawlenty to figure out a way to get the state's business done on time and on budget.