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Editorial: Bachmann statements are hurting her district

Rep. Michele Bachmann is at it again. She seems determined to earn a new title: Congresswoman Crazy.

Bachmann has gone on record this week that she will not fully complete her family's U.S. Census form next year.

The 6th District congresswoman is continuing to state her position for the past week on the U.S. Census, even though intentionally not completing a census form is a misdemeanor of federal law set by Congress.

Bachmann seems to believe the census information will somehow impact her family, noting that census information was utilized in the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

This is a Bachmann specialty -- fear mongering about her latest hair-brain idea all in an effort to grab another headline.

Well, you all remember the story from the children's books of Chicken Little. This was the chicken who ran around the barnyard yelling "the sky is falling, the sky is falling."

Bachmann often reminds us of Chicken Little.

Unfortunately, Bachmann continues to be a significant embarrassment to not only the 6th District, but all of Minnesota.

Every time she tries to grab another headline, she opens her mouth and, more often than not, sticks her foot all the way in. She must be a slow learner.