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Editorial: Kudos to both men: Franken, Coleman

Minnesota's longest U.S. Senate election in history is over.

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Democrat Al Franken was the winner of the Senate election. Republican Norm Coleman quickly conceded the race, rather than appealing the state decision to federal court.

We want to complement both candidates -- Franken and Coleman -- for a hard fought and spirited campaign, election and post-election battle. Both campaigns did their best to win this election within the rules of this state.

Granted, no one -- certainly, neither Franken nor Coleman -- liked the Minnesota election that never seemed to end. It took nearly eight months to reach a decision in this very close election.

No one ever said that democracy was a pretty or efficient form of government. However, it certainly is the most free form of government on this earth.

Congratulations go to Franken for his election win. He certainly should celebrate his victory tonight and over the holiday weekend. Next week, he will be seated in the U.S. Senate and then he will go to work for the people of Minnesota.

Congratulations go to Coleman also. He led on election night, lost the vote lead in recount and pressed his case to the full extent of Minnesota's law. Then he made the correct decision recognizing that after Tuesday's court decision, it was time to concede this election.

Both of these men care deeply for Minnesota. We thank them for their efforts and wish them both the best in their future endeavors.

This election is over. Franken will be the next Minnesotan to represent this state in the U.S. Senate.